hello! im here to teach you about feo pronouns!

first of all, let’s explain neopronouns!

neopronouns are a category of new (hence: neo) pronouns that are used in place of she, he, and they when referring to a person. some more popular examples of neopronouns include: xe/xem/xyr, and ey/em/eir.

pronouns like thon/thons/thonself have existed as alternative pronouns since the mid 1800s. it originates as a contraction of “that one”, and though not as commonly used anymore, they are still very significant to neopronoun history.

another important part of neopronoun history is the creation of xe/xem/xyr/xemself pronouns. these pronouns were first created by don rickter in 1993 as an alternative pronoun to ‘they’ for autistic people to use, since a large part of the autistic experience is not understanding gender roles. since the creation of these pronouns, neurodivergent people have contributed even more to the trans community, including feo pronouns!

can only autistic people use neopronouns then?

nope! though autistic people brought forth and contributed so much to the neopronoun community, they are not the only people who can use them. neurotypical people who find comfort in neopronouns can still use them, as long as they recognize what neurodivergent people have done.

now that you know what neopronouns are, let’s talk about feo pronouns!

feo pronouns are a type of neopronoun created for public use by me and my friend, rory. these pronouns represent:
neurodivergency, as neurodivergent people were a big part in creating a lot of neopronouns. additionally, both me and my friend who made these pronouns are neurodivergent!masculinity, femininity, and androgyny, however you may present, it doesn’t make you any less trans. feo pronouns are open for anyone to use no matter how you may present. gender is a complex thing for everyone, and no matter your experience you are valid.complex relationships with gender,as stated before, gender can be a difficult and complex experience for people. many people struggle with gender identity, and no matter how you may identity- feo pronouns are still yours to use.

how do you use feo pronouns?

the full set of feo pronouns are
feo/feos/fer/fers/feoself, and are pronounced:
feo = f i o
feos = f i o s
fer = f u r
fers = f u r s
feoself = f i o s e l f

an example of how to use feo pronouns is:
hello! today i met a person who goes by (xyz). feo has a wonderful personality. that smile of fers really makes me happy. i could talk to feo all day although feo doesn't talk about feoself much. i wonder if fers day has been wonderful. i hope so!

feo pronouns flags!

general feo pronoun flag ↓

feo pronouns lesbian flag ↓

feo pronouns gay flag ↓

feo pronouns bi flag ↓

feo pronouns pan flag ↓

as i create more flags, i will update this section of the carrd. if there’s any specific flag you’d like to see dm me. my twitter is linked at the end of the carrd.

thank you for reading! if you have any questions or comments, my twitter is below. <3